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Currently, I’m a CTO at Yandex Go. Before that I’ve worked ~6 years at Mail.Ru Group. See details in LinkedIn.

Open Source Projects

  1. golangci-lint: fast linters Runner for Go.
  2. go-queryset: type-safe ORM for Go with code generation.
  3. go-printf-func-name: Go linter checking that printf-like functions are named with f at the end.
  4. awesome go linters: a curated list of awesome Go linters.
  5. osm2elastic: importer from OSM to Elastic Search.
  6. alphacool driver: kernel-space driver for Alphacool LCD device.

And more projects in my GitHub.


  1. - documentation for golangci-lint. Tech: gatsby, javascript.
  2. - SaaS for running golangci-lint in a cloud. Closed now. Source code: api and web. Tech: aws sqs, aws fargate, google kubernetes engine, react, typescript, go, gokit, postgresql, redis.
  3. - this blog. Tech: gatsby, javascript.
  4. - website in Russian for lost and found pets. Tech: ruby on rails, go, aws ec2, elasticsearch, typescript, react, redux.
  5. - website in Russian with mortgage calculators. Tech: gatsby, netlify, javascript.
  6. - website in Russian for parents’ company. Tech: jekyll, ruby.


  1. Go Linters: Myths and Best Practices: GopherCon 2019 talk in English.
  2. How to cook linters: GopherCon Russia 2019 talk in Russian.
  3. Linux API tips and tricks: online lecture in Russian.
  4. How we’ve speed up Yandex Go by a few seconds: HighLoad++ 2022 talk in Russian.


In Russian

  1. API idempotency tricks

In English

All my anglish articles in this blog.

Contact channels

  1. Email
  2. Telegram


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Hi, my name is Denis Isaev and I'm a CTO at Yandex Go